Been slow work lately. As it has been for some time. I’ve been slowly working on the hatches. Getting them into shape and ordering materials for getting them secured on the deck. Mainly straps. Also decided to use the cutouts from the deck and glue them onto the carbonfiber hatches on the inside to make the hatches easier to fit into position. I’ll also add a thin plywood rim underneath the hole so that the hatches can rest onto that with a rubber P-list for water proofing. Think it’ll work really well and they’ll look pretty neat and simple.



Hatches continued

Last couple of days i’ve been adding layers of resin to the hatches, coaming and lip. Also added one layer of carbon on the hatches to make them stronger and better looking. You gotta love carbon, it looks fancy. Just hope i can get a nice finish to them. But with freshly applied resin they look cool.

Also added a layer of carbon to the day hatch, to match all the openings on the Frej. Still not sure if i’ll add carbon to the coaming and flange. Think the application will be tricky. But the reward might be great. If not i’ll add several layers of black resin to it.

image2 image3


So, work, travels and family halted the Frej for a little more than a month. A climbing trip to Lofoten, Norway rendered a film which has taken some time to finish. Working more than usual also got in the way and spending time with family is easily prioritized. :)

But got onwards today, slow start but started making the hatches. My plan is to use fiberglass and possibly also carbon to make the hatches. Taped thick plastic over the hull and cut out fitting pieces of glass and laminated it to the hull with resin. Having plastic covering the hull will make it easy to loosen from the hull and by that i’ll have perfect hatch lids. Not sure if i’ll glue the glass to the wood hatch or just use the glass as hatch and a flange underneath the hull for fitting a P-list for waterproofness.

large_hatch small_hatch


A total of 5 layers fo glass was used on both. And depending on if i choose carbon or plain glass. If carbon i’ll cover the top and bottom with one layer carbon. If glass i’ll have to apply a few more layers id guess.




Laminated the flange this evening. Well parts of it. Put two layers of fiber glass over the inside part of the coaming and over the flange. Before that i had spread thickened, black resin inside/under the flange to create a semi rounded surface on the inner top side of the bottom om the flange. Used a popsicle stick to spread it and shape it. Works really well. Looked perfect. I then continued with the laminating the flange. What’s left later is to sand the inside and add two layers of fiberglass there as well. This i believe will be a little tricky. Small space and it might be difficult to get the fiber glass smooth. When that’s done i can cover it all with a layer of carbon. If i’m just steady and thorough i think it’ll look really nice.

I also painted a little blackened resin inside the stump of the fiber glass tubing for the deck fittings. To get the fiber glass to bond with the wood to make it water tight. Tomorrow when it’s cured i can cut away the glass tubing.

Sorry for the quality of images, used my phone since the family is sleeping and i had my camera inside.

IMG_3661 IMG_3664 IMG_3662

Since i had some thickened black resin left over i glued the day hatch cutout to the plastic screw on lid. Eariler i had painted the white inserts in the lid with black resin. Later i’ll cover the lid with one layer of carbon fiber.All hatches will be black, hopefully with a carbon fiber layer on top. the hull of the frej will be black, and the deck some purple/pink color with black hatches and coaming/lip.



Flange and hatches

Got to glueing the coaming lip on the coaming the other day. Basically a 4mm piece of plywood glued to the coaming. Had problems with parts of the lip came loose so had to reglue some parts of it. After that i could shape it. Sticking out about 15mm from the coaming except from the front where it’s at about 19mm from the coaming. I plan on laminating this with atleast two layers of fiberglass and then cover it all with one layer of carbon. I think this solution was a lot simpler than laminating the whole coaming and lip in carbon fiber as i did on the isfjord. But i’m not finished with it yet so we’ll just have to see. You gotta love clamps!

frej-601120140807 frej-601220140807 frej-601320140807 frej-601520140807 frej-601620140807 frej-613820140809 frej-613920140809


Today i got to sawing out the hatches. First I was planning on having the ssame hatch shape in both fore and aft. But i quickly decided against that today. So in the back i got a 44×26 oval hatch and in the front a 24 cm round hatch. I think it looks really good. Now i just have to figure out a good closing solution that’s waterproof. I have a few ideas. But which i end up choosing i’ll still use straps to keep them closed. Made a type of four point locking solution with flexible cord and small pieces of wood for the isfjord, but i’ve just found these to be difficult to use. Hard to open and close.

frej-614220140809 frej-614320140809


Lastly i made cut outs in the day hatch lid that i’ll later glue onto the hatch.


Coaming and Deck line fittings

Continued today with the coaming.Noticed a rookie mistake yesterday morning. I had by mistake not pressed the coaming far enough down, which made the sides not match the deck. Had to saw the whole sides loose and press them down with tape and re glue it all. Also with some help from a old Popsicle stick made a nice rounded part on the bottom of the coaming. Then today I  marked out the top edge where the lip will get glued on. About 20-25mm in the front and somewhere around 15-18 mm on the sides and on the back. Onto this i’ll glue and laminate the lip. From 4 mm plywood sawed to fit and then sanded to shape. Planing on covering the lip and inside coaming with carbon fiber to get a nice finish. Then i laminated the outside with two layers of fiberglass and blackened resin.

frej-594920140806 frej-595020140806 frej-595120140806 frej-595220140806 frej-596320140806 frej-596420140806 frej-596520140806

Also got started on the deck line fittings. Using the simplest method for this. At first i had plans on making small carbon fiber cups and laminate these into place with a “rod” in the middle. But decided to keep it simple. So measured and marked out using a small guide piece i made for the isfjord. about 25mm from the bottom of the deck. Then using a 12mm drill i drilled all the holes.

frej-595320140806 frej-595420140806 frej-596120140806 frej-596020140806 frej-595420140806

Through these holes i’ll then pass a rubber tube with a elastic band inside it and fiber glass tubing on the outside with some small pieces of fiberglass under it so there’s no spots without resin.

frej-595820140806 frej-595920140806

Then cover it all with one or two layers of fiberglass cut into a small square. Very durable, water tight and looks quite alright. And also very simple.

I also decided today that the day hatch will be behind the cockpit on the right hand side. Marked out for this and used a japan saw to cut it out. Being as thorough as i could since i plan to clue the cutout to the lid to make it smooth with the surface.

frej-595520140806 frej-595620140806 frej-595720140806

Final laminating and the real fun is starting

Got to laminating the inside of the deck. After a quick sanding job, since this part will not be very visible i didn’t spend to much time on getting a perfect sanding. Laminating this part works the same as any other. Thin layer resin to saturate the wood to save weight. Then fiberglass and resin, the same as the hull and top of the deck. Decided after the first coat to add black iron oxide pigment onto the inside of the deck. To keep the inside all black.

frej-591120140801 frej-591220140801 frej-591320140801 frej-591520140801 frej-591620140801 frej-591720140801

Rolled the fiber glass out and cut the extra glass off the sides and again used clothes pins to keep the glass still on the edges. A little tricky applying the resin, every now and then i’d be to hard with the rubber scraper and cause the glass to move and form air pockets. But with some patience it worked out really well. Actually didn’t have one air bubble after it had cured. really happy about that.

frej-591820140801 frej-591920140801

So the second layer resin became black. I’ll upload a picture of that later.

After the second layer had cured i cut of any excess glass and shaped the edges with 40 grit paper and my small hand planer. Then i proceeded with marking out the cockpit and the hatches. At this point i realized that i had measured completely wrong on the isfjord. I had placed the cockpit on the isfjord 11 cm to far aft. At first on the Frej i had measured the same way i did on the isfjord and it didn’t feel right. So started checking my measurements and couldn’t get them to add up right. So contacted the very helpfull Björn Thomasson (www.thomassondesign.se) for advice and my thoughts were confirmed. So i’m going to have to get the isfjord into the garage and figure out a solution. Probably just move the seat forward and somehow move the foot braces. We’ll see about that. Anyway i got the cockpit on the frej right. Marked out the correct placing and also marked out where the hatches will be.

frej-592120140804 frej-592220140804 frej-592320140804

Used my lock saw to saw the shape of the coaming out of the deck. Always a little nervous sawing in the laminated deck. Afraid to miss and ruin it all. But worked out nicely and got a more or less perfect fit for the vertically striped coaming. I proceeded with mixing about a little thickened resin. About 30 grams. And then used a small syringe to spread resin between the coaming and deck. Worked nicely and then simply used my finger to even it all out wearing gloves of course. I also used some masking tape to mask off about 2 cm outside the coaming. So that when i was finished i could remove the tape and get a clean edge. Never done this before but have read on some other building bloggs that it works good.

frej-592820140804 frej-592920140804

I then used masking tape again to tape the coaming closer to the deck on some areas to get it smooth with the deck. Simple and seems to work.

frej-593220140804 frej-593120140804 frej-593320140804 frej-593420140804


I’ve also been thinking of a simple day hatch. Bought a small 14 cm plastic hatch. But not quite sure of the placement. Either right hand side behind the cockpit or right in front of it. Not really sure. A little worried about legroom in the from side and then the fact that reaching it behind the cockpit is a little difficult. I’ll spend a little more time weighing pro and cons.

frej-592620140804 frej-592520140804



Laminating Deck

Got to laminating the deck this evening. Went quite quick and looks good. Hopefully no air bubbles in the morning. Used about 5% accelerator for this since i hope to brush the second coat tomorrow morning. I think 5% was a good number. The first part of the Kayak had gotten sticky when it was all done. And had no problems with the resin curing before it was applied.

frej-590620140729 frej-590720140729

Noticed that the glass over the cockpit cutout made the glass stretch a little making the glass not bonding well with the wood, so fixed this by cutting it on the back part to ease the pressure. Seems to work just fine. That part will get cut out anyways for the coaming but felt that i wanted the glass to bond nicely all over the wood.

frej-590920140729 frej-590820140729

Still going

Had a bit of a break from building Due to being of work for the summer with family vacations and other projects. Due to the fact that we live in a small house with one more Kayak on the way, I had to prioritize a better storage situation. Which has taken some time along with leaving town for some time for vacation with the family.


Before we left town i had painted the deck with resin. To get the strips to bond, after that all the staples has to be removed just as i did on the hull.

frej-379920140626 frej-379820140626

At this time i also started working on the coaming. Although i seem to have lost the photos of this, it’s quite simple. I use the form i cut out from some plywood and stapled smaller pieces of strips to it vertically. about 10cm long. Then i painted it with resin to get them to bond. And after that some light sanding. and cut it all loose from the form. I plan on adding atleast one layer of fiberglass and 1 or 2 layers of carbon on the side of this to make it look nice. The lip will then be a thin piece of plywood glued and glassed on top. That also is covered with carbon to make it black. Hopefully it’ll be easier than the carbon coaming and lip i made for the isfjord and look better. On the isfjord i had problems with several uneven parts and ended up painting the whole thing so really had no use for the expensive carbonfiber since it doesn’t show. :)

frej-589920140729 frej-589820140729


Today i finished sanding the deck. I had to apply some thickened resin on a few parts to get it even but it turned out quite alright. After that a very very thin layer of resin to cure the wood and hopefully here this evening i can lay fiberglass and laminate it.

frej-590020140729 frej-590220140729

Really not that much left to do. Laminate outside and inside. Glue the coaming and lip, saw out the hatches and drill holes for deck lines. After that i can glue it all together. :)


Another stage in the build completed today. Had the chance to work a few hours today and finished building the deck. Takes a little time building the deck since almost all strips has to be cut and fitted in both ends. But it’s rewarding and fun. No major issues during this process however i did quite early notice a really ugly hump over form #12 which had me scratching my head a little. Had six strips stapled to it and removed the staples and unscrewed the form. Took it out and sanded about 1,3 cm off the top. Mounted it again and stapled the strips to it and it turned out all level and nice. I use a knife and a small hand plane to fit the strips.

frej-378120140624 frej-378220140624 frej-378320140624

Also had to improvise behind form #7 to get the strips level. Noticed after a few strips that i would need to raise them a little to get it even behind the coaming. So really quick shaped a piece of styrofoam and placed it under the strips to get them somewhat level. It’s not that important since it will get sawed out for the coaming.


Smooth building overall, and the whiskey plank is always nice. Had to use a few straps over the front end of the cockpit/coaming to get the shape i wanted. But that seems to work and it’ll look fine. Really nice shape of this Kayak. Beautiful lines. Glue it all with resin tomorrow and remove staples and i can start sanding.

frej-378920140625 frej-379020140625 frej-379120140625 frej-379320140625 frej-379420140625 frej-379520140625 frej-379620140625 frej-379720140625